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Abingdon Abingdon Flooring is the UK’s largest privately owned manufacturer of quality carpets. They are a Br.. Abingdon Flooring Product #: Abingdon 2 - 3 Days


Brand: Abingdon Flooring
Product Code: Abingdon


Abingdon Flooring is the UK’s largest privately owned manufacturer of quality carpets. They are a British based company with facilities in South Wales, the West Midlands and the North of England and employ a total workforce of 400 people They are currently producing in excess of nine million square metres of carpet per annum.

Aqua Pro-Tec - We all lead a rather busy lifestyle these days at a very hectic pace. It’s therefore only natural that more people than ever are choosing to buy a Stainfree polypropylene carpet that really is bleach cleanable and guaranteed to be Stainfree for Life!

Aqua Pro-Tec is available now in three quality ranges: 1. Stainfree Classic Decor  2. Stainfree Classic Twist 3. Stainfree Classic Supreme

The people at Abingdon Flooring have created something even better, it’s more convenient and user friendly! A protective barrier that makes any liquid spill sit on top of the carpet and not soak in! How’s that for liquid engineering? The bonus is that you can simply soak up the liquid and watch it disappear before your very eyes. No fuss, no smell, just good housekeeping. Perfect for the modern home.

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