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Choose from the best selection of Riser recliners….

Std. Ashford Lift Rise Recliner pg43 FHere at Rosevears we offer a great range of riser recliners (lift and rise chairs). Because we sell so many we buy in bulk and that means we always have the best offers around on stock fabrics. Our display of fifteen riser recliners are all dual motored to allow you to choose your position of choice and are often available in different sizes. VAT exemption can be applied if you suffer from a chronic condition that affects your mobility.

Let Rosevears be your destination for the finest selection of motion furniture in Cornwall. With great names like Celebrity and Sherborne, huge fabric choices and no hidden extra charges make Rosevears the ideal place to find your ideal Riser recliner.


Nothing epitomises 'The Home of Relaxation' more than the superb range of Sherborne Electric 'Lift & Rise' Care Recliners.

This is because we recognise that, for people who have difficulty getting in and out of conventional furniture, to have the opportunity to possess their very own 'Lift & Rise' Recliner can make a huge difference to their freedom and quality of life.

We offer to you no less than 68 different models, all with fully lifting and fully reclining actions.

All designs offer the choice of the finest Dual Motor and Single Motor mechanisms and eight of these also offer a choice in size.

The Perfect Fit

The perfect fit?

Four sizes are available on the Ashford, Ashford Knuckle, Lynton, Lynton Knuckle, Malvern, Keswick and Windsor and three sizes are offered on the popular Comfi-sit design - see the range of Ashford Knuckle sizes below, for example

FeatureSizes Electric April 2015

Standard Features

  • Quick-release handset - A quick-release handset is fitted as standard to prevent unauthorised use
  • On/off switch - A small, unobtrusive on/off switch is also fitted to the back of the handset
  • Spring-loaded footrest - All designs are fitted with a spring-loaded footrest to reduce the risk of accidental entrapment under the footrest
  • Handset safety button design - All buttons are inset within the handset to reduce the possibility of inadvertent movement of the action by accidental pressure
  • Single-use emergency back-up - This allows one emergency operation of the Chair, returning it to the sitting position (batteries must be replaced after use)
  • Multi-use battery back-upFor an additional cost this can be fitted to ensure continued use of the Recliner up to approximately 20 complete cycles of the action in the event of power failure. Highly recommended
  • LED power indicatorThe transformer displays a green LED power light to show that power is reaching the Recliner
  • Backlit handset - All handset buttons light up when operated for ease of use even in the dark
  • Removable clip - Each handset is fitted with a useful clip which can be removed if required
  • Side pocket for right- or left-handed use - For your convenience we fit a generous side pocket on all 'Lift & Rise' Recliners and this and the handset can also be specified for left-handed use if you so wish
  • Lift-off backs - All 68 models are supplied with easy, lift-off backs to make the task of delivering into your home so much easier
  • Castors or Glides - All models are  fitted with four castors for ease of movement - front castors then lift away to ensure stability in raised positions. Alternatively, four glides can now be fitted for use on solid flooring

View some of the superb ranges we have on show below….

Riser Recliners

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